The Mountain States still have little Omicron, except in counties with ski resorts. Maybe this could be the opening that makes vaccine passports acceptable?

I have no symptoms and the C.D.C. says I can go out. But I keep testing positive, so I might be infectious. What’s the responsible thing to do?

I’m boosted, I feel fine. But what timing, huh? I got it the very day the C.D.C. cut isolation time in half. And I guiltily remembered how I cheated on my SARS quarantine 18 years ago.

The infected have the “wrong” symptoms. Many are sick and yet test negative. Whether it’s mild is still unproven. Sequences posted by NYU have a possibly worrisome mutation.

We have another new threat, but two pills that might fight it. Instead of debating which is better, how about combining them? We know “cocktails” work. But our laws prevent drug companies from cooperating to make them.

It’s the “hammer of Thor” drug, so Trump’s unvaxxed army should consider it cool. But it works by forcing mutations into the genetic code, so even serious scientists have worries. The world gets its medical advice from both sides. Whose will win out?


The Delta variant is making clear what the Administration should have done back in January: mandate vaccines, mandate passports and crack down on the denialists. Now time is running short.

Donald G. McNeil Jr.

New York Times, 1976–2021. Last beat: lead reporter on pandemic. 2020 Chancellor Award; 2021 NYT Pulitzer

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